FDA approved
vertical needle therapy…

Skin Stamp VMT

Skin Stamp is designed to give less pain with usage comfort compared to similar devices.

The manually-held Skin Stamp provides effective handling comfort.

The Skin Stamp should be gently pressed (up to the needle length) to the area to be applied at a depth of 0.8 mm and / or 2.1 mm.

It opens micro-channels for skin renewal thanks to spotless steel and titanium needles.

  • Can be used in hair applications.
  • Can be used in face applications.
  • Can be used in body applications.


Optionally, the product can be applied without anesthetizing the skin. With the Skin Stamp, the patient is prevented from suffering unnecessary pain. It provides comfort during application.

Skin Stamp has 140 micro needles. It opens 280 micro channels with plus sign movement and 500-600 micro channels with star and cross-model movements. When applied to entire surface of the scalp, it opens an average of 10,000 micro channels.


  • It gives extra pain. Down time.
  • It provides extra bleeding.
  • Patient may not continue his/her social life for a while.
  • It rolls and cuts the long hair.
  • Gives Uncontrolled Damage.


  • It gives less pain. Less down time.
  • Patient may continue social life after each application.
  • May easily be applied to long hair. 
  • It provides comfort to the physician.
  • Gives controlled damage.